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About Us

Carmine Thompson launched Intervention Allies as a way to properly assist others who are dealing with the ravages caused by alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders and mental health disorders. Having excelled in this specialized area of addiction treatment, Carmine saw the need to establish a competent, caring and trustworthy intervention company. Empowering, educating and providing people with the necessary levels of support they need to get their friend, co-worker or loved one to safety is our primary purpose.

Working alongside people who are vulnerable, dealing with a crisis situation and are in desperate need of help is the highest calling. We take these responsibilities very serious and are committed to treating every person with dignity, respect and compassion. It is also extremely important that your interventionist is well trained, reliable and performs our successful evidence-based intervention methods with thoughtful precision. We hold the opinion that failure is not an option. This doesn't mean we can predict or guarantee the outcome, but it lets you know our position the moment you retain our services.

At Intervention Allies, we will continue the tradition of delivering our best and achieving results. Maintaining the highest standard of care is something we are committed to and unwilling to compromise. Our knowledge, experience and dedication to the urgency of the situation has made us a recognized leader. The serious nature of chronic illnesses and the suffering they inflict doesn't allow room for less.

You are always welcome to contact us online or by calling us directly at: 800-980-3927

“To Give Real Service You Must Add Something Which Cannot Be Bought Or Measured With Money, And That Is Sincerity And Integrity”


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