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Intervention Techniques

If drug addiction is contributing to an individual’s poor performance, ignoring or avoiding the issue will not help the situation. An person's use of alcohol or drugs may be the root of the performance problem; however, substance abuse on the part of someone close to the individual also could be the source. Regardless, abuse of alcohol or other drugs inevitably leads to costly and potentially dangerous consequences at home or in the workplace unless action is taken to confront the issue.

Symptoms of Drug Abuse and Addiction

The following performance and behavior problems are common to many individuals who abuse alcohol and/or other drugs. It is important to note that if an individual displays these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean he or she has a substance abuse problem.


When an individual’s performance deteriorates for whatever reason, his/her friends and family have an obligation to intervene. They do not need to be an expert on alcohol and drug abuse to do so because the intervention should be focused on the individual’s performance problem.

The following principles of intervention may be followed by friends and family who need to confront a loved one about a performance problem that may be related to substance abuse.


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