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OxyContin Intervention

An OxyContin intervention may be necessary if someone you know if abusing the drug and won't stop doing so on their own. OxyContin is a powerful medical pain killer that is commonly abused. It is the longest-acting prescription opiate available, and its powerful narcotic effects can last up to twelve hours. When an individual takes OxyContin whether medically or non-medically, it affects the same areas of the brain and nervous system as other opiate drugs such as heroin. This ultimately blocks the way someone perceives pain, except when it is abused. When OxyContin is abused, and used in higher doses than would normally be prescribed medically, it can make the individual experience a sense of euphoria which is basically a "high".

Tolerance and dependence to OxyContin develops very quickly, when used both legitimately and illicitly, so individuals will require larger doses more frequently to get relief from pain or to experience a high from it. Even in individuals who use the drug for pain, this dependence can result in drug seeking behavior whereby they will attempt to get more OxyContin more often from their doctor. This is very commonly how addiction to the drug starts, even though it is also commonly abused by opiate addicts. This type of addiction has become commonplace and accepted, and the "pill popping" culture is one that is easily supplied by the multi-billion dollar prescription drug industry.

Aside from the risk of dependence and addiction, OxyContin can cause many life threatening side effects, especially in individuals who are not tolerant to opiates. Because of the effects that OxyContin has on the respiratory system, the drug can slow down breathing to the point of death. It can also cause loss of consciousness, seizures, circulatory collapse, coma and death, which is especially true when drug is used with other substances which also slow down breathing, such as alcohol, antihistamines barbiturates, or benzodiazepines.

With dependence to any drug comes the fact that an individual will go through a certain set of withdrawal symptoms when they stop using the drug. OxyContin is most certainly no exception. Opiate withdrawal, such as the type of withdrawal experienced upon sudden cessation of OxyContin, can be particularly punishing. This is one of the reason an OxyContin addict will find it so hard to quit, and why an OxyContin intervention will be necessary. Without support and assistance through withdrawal, most OxyContin addicts who try and quit on their own will quickly relapse. At a drug rehab or drug detox facility however addicted individuals will receive proper medical attention, rest, nutrition and other support to safely and easily get through withdrawal. They will then be urged to receive further treatment to address the issues which are at the root of the OxyContin addiction.

To begin the OxyContin intervention process, it is best to seek the guidance of a professional drug interventionist. A professional interventionist is not only proficient in organizing an intervention and making it successful, but can also be a mediator and provide liaison services to help get the addict in rehab and provide follow-up as well. While a family can always hold and organize an intervention on their own, it is always best to at least consult with a professional interventionist to keep things on the right track. OxyContin addiction is one of the toughest to beat, so an OxyContin intervention will surely comes with its own challenges. Having a professional interventionist available for the intervention itself or to consult with family and friends will help make things as smooth as possible.

Before the OxyContin intervention takes place, it is important to choose a good location that is distraction and stress free and also to determine who will participate. OxyContin intervention participants should take the time to educate themselves about addiction and OxyContin, which is another reason a professional interventionist will come in handy. Each OxyContin participant will be asked to write a letter which will be read at the OxyContin intervention that explains how their individual's addiction has affected their relationship and that they need help to end it. Each letter will end with a simply questions, "Will you accept the help being offered to you today." The help being offered at the OxyContin intervention is a predetermined drug rehab program which will thoroughly address the individual's dependence and addiction to the drug and get them rehabilitated.

The addicted individual will typically have questions regarding the drug rehab program chosen, i.e. the length how long it will take, the location, etc. All OxyContin intervention participants should be prepared to answer these questions, along with anything objections as to why the addict can't leave right away. There should be nothing standing in the way of them and their sobriety, nothing is more important. All OxyContin intervention participants should keep this in mind when the individual comes up with excuses regarding why they need to hold off or not leave for treatment right away. Any time spent harboring on these issues is time where the individual can think about backing out, so don't fall prey to it. Get them out the door immediately.

If the addicted individual refuses the help offered at the OxyContin intervention, participants will have no choice but to enforce what is known as their "bottom lines" which are basically the consequences for not going to treatment. Most of these bottom lines are focused on putting an end to things which have enabled the addicted individual's habit, as the addicted individual is surely relying on others to further their habit on a daily basis. This will no longer be allowed, and OxyContin intervention participants will come together and enforce these consequences until the individual does accept help. This is also a very effective method of getting them into treatment, so don't hesitate to enforce all bottom lines diligently.

Most addicts will willingly go to treatment when they see how much love and support they are surrounded by at the OxyContin intervention. Don't hesitate to get your loved one out of a life of addiction. Hold an OxyContin intervention and get them the help they need today.


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